Monday, May 3, 2010

Microsoft is responding to HTML5

Last Thursday, Steve Jobs posted a public letter “Thoughts on Flash” addressing the criticisms of Apple choosing not to use Adobe Flash on their mobile devices. He makes very good points, and I agree with him on those points, one of which was the use of HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript as open tools to create rich user experience.

So Apple is another big player who has clearly bought in to the HTML5/CSS/JavaScript future of web clients. I think this adds more pressure to Microsoft for their HTML5 browser, who contrary to my bias, is not asleep at the wheel. Just lagging behind perhaps. And already fully aware that the world is heading this direction, and they better get on board.

Nearly the same time as Steve’s post last week, Microsoft’s Dean Hachamovitch (IE general manager) spoke of the importance of HTML5 in bringing richer user experience in the browser. There was also some evidence of HTML5 support in IE9 at a session at Mix10. So I am beginning to believe we can expect some progress on this front in IE9.