Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Android 2.3.3 “Gingerbread” is killing my battery!

I have a Nexus One which recently received the Gingerbread update. I’ve noticed that my battery life has not been as good as before. Over night last night I captured some evidence. I put the device on the nightstand, and this morning it was dead. Frankly, I had barely used the device that day. The disturbing part is the amount of battery consumed by Android OS.

I plugged it into my USB and I grabbed these screenshots:

gingerbread_os_eats_battery  gingerbread_os_eats_battery_2 gingerbread_os_eats_battery_info

I have found similar complaints at phandroid, and here, and there is a bug report thread already started.

I would love to be able to drill down deeper and find out what is actually chewing up battery.

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  1. Update: I found that if I set my WiFi to be "always on" (rather than it try to turn off when the screen is off) then my battery consumption is normal again. I read about others having success with this workaround, and it seems to work for me as well.